The unu2 Build Process
Step 1. Contact us with your idea. We evaluate it and develop an in depth Work Proposal which describes your project, pages and capabilities. If it looks good and meets your standards we require a 50 percent deposit based on our Terms of Service and will then enter our Demo phase.

Step 2. Demos are non functioning graphical representations of what your final Website foundation will look like. During this period you become a critic. The foundational elements of your Website are literally the cornerstone for everything to come. Be critical until you see exactly what you are after. Once you sign off on your Demo we begin the process of converting it into a live Website.

Step 3. Website Delivery! For custom Websites, our delivery period is normally just 2 - 4 Days! Once your Website is delivered it will be time for you to begin inserting your content as you will have the proverbial keys to the Kingdom. A tutorial will be provided of your control interface. If you can send an Email you can update your new Website from unu2!

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