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unu2 multimedia was started in California as a small web design company in the late 1990's, with the intent on providing individuals access to inexpensive web solutions. As the "Dot Com" crash came and went, unu2 stayed alive by providing unique customer services. We sought primarily to clean up the "Wild West" perception of the Internet itself by educating our clients in regards to security, services and costs. With this success, both our reputation and company grew.

Knowing the industry outside and in, is our motto. We seek not to achieve things without first understanding the achievement itself. Almost everyone on our staff has been around computers since their beginning. We have seen things grow and helped things to grow. Now the Lexicon and capabilities have exponentially grown into a vast plethora of potential and danger. One can create a financial empire and one can have their entire empire stolen, all within one day. By understanding and enthusiastically learning the world of code from the ground up, we can securely offer the Internet to be painted as you see fit, with the assured confidence that everything is safe from outside assaults.

Knowledge is useless without a Vision. Understanding and creating Programs is one thing, captivating the viewer on an aesthetic level is another. Both are essential ingredients in a successful venture, however, individually they seldom gain the recognition they might deserve. Our Chief Graphics Engineer hails with a Degree in Methodology and Fine Art from the San Francisco Art Institute and has gained acclaim as a Classical Glaze Painter on a Master's Level. When asked why he chooses to work online rather than on canvas, he simply states "Paint takes too long to dry". As to date, our Graphics have been seen in over 46 Countries, by hundreds of millions of viewers and taken well over 300 Awards in the process.

Between the Visual Depth and Composition of our Graphics, to the Cutting-Edge Technological Construct that they are placed upon, we are confident that whatever you want, you will get. And perhaps a little bit more. you may begin putting us to the test by contacting our staff here. We will be happy to hear from you.

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